LUSANA Luxe Alpaca Floor Rug SALE!


$1,399.00 $1,799.00


2.1 x 1.8 m.  (Other sizes available  too.)

Imagine having a Royal Rug! Suri alpacas make up only about 5% of all alpacas and as such they were so special they were reserved only for ancient Inca Royalty.

Respect for animals
Unlike other furred animals no alpaca is actually killed for its fur—- only the pelts of those alpacas which do not survive the extreme 12-16,000 feet high-altitude climate of the Andes are used!

 Luxury and Prestige
These quality Alpaca rugs are hand made from premium selected baby suri alpaca pelts.

      √ Their superior fur is softer and more lustrous and luxurious than both the ordinary alpaca and merino. ( Just walk on these rugs in bare feet and you will love the sensuous feel!)

      √ The underside of the rug is soft and long-lasting leather.

      √ The beautiful natural fur is easy to keep clean and will resist both stains and ageing.

      √ Because an Alpaca fleece  has less static electricity it does not attract dust and soil.

      √ Alpaca may seem delicate —- but is very durable  and long-lasting.

      √ And its water-resistant properties means that often you can blot away any spills.

Adding to their luxury and prestige, these Alpaca suri rugs are very rare in Australia. Alpaca fleece is also much rarer than either silk or cashmere.

OTHER SIZES ARE AVAILABLE FROM WHAT’S SHOWN!  Just email us for your preference:,  or call 0427 497 803.

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