KAREN Alpaca Wrap



The classic wrap is back for both casual and formal affairs.  The soft and silk-like feel of this 100% baby alpaca wrap from the Kuna range is sensual and light. 

The Kuna wrap is versatile due to its dimensions and can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the occasion.  It can become one of your essential and important accessories, and will quickly add pizazz to a simple black dress.  
Choose the soft pinks and creams in a dramatic triangular pattern for elegance and Grace Kelly charm,  or choose the black and beige for dramatic effect.

Looks just as great over casual jeans and top— as it does also in the evening when dining out in elegance with friends!  
And when travelling it’s a scarf when cold.It’s an effective blanket if in the flight with arctic air conditioning. And it’s a head covering when you have to cover your head. No need for an awkward hat.

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