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How will I know online garments will fit me when I try them on?

For all garments which are stated to be Made in Peru, for best results we recommend you choose one size up from your normal fitting. For example, if you’re normally a Medium, then select L (Large); or if a Small, select M (Medium).

We have included a detailed Sizing Chart (see Fit and Size in Customer Services) as well.

And remember, you can use our free return and exchange system if you are not quite satisfied.


What is “baby alpaca” and “royal alpaca”?

Many of our garments are made from baby alpaca. This simply means that the fibre has come from alpacas shorn of their fleece before they’re six months old. And because this young fleece doesn’t have any prickly fibres, it is very soft and smooth to feel.

The garments which are labelled “royal alpaca” mean that the fibres used in their manufacture are all less than 20 micron, so that even though the fibres they come from mature alpacas, they will also be super soft and very fine. (Originally the alpaca garments made for Inca royalty came from this quality of fibre.)


Why is alpaca so warm, yet lighter than wool?

Each alpaca fibre is semi-hollow, which means the fibres are natural insulators. The hollowness also means they have less weight than a sheep’s woollen fibres.


How similar is Alpaca to Cashmere?

Alpaca is similar to cashmere in lustre (sheen), softness and lightness. Cashmere however can be even finer. Alpaca is usually more wrinkle-resistant, making it excellent for travel wear. Cashmere tends to stretch more. China now mass produces over two-thirds of all cashmere products. It is said that modern cashmere is often not up to the quality of previous cashmere.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and our Alpaca Panache Gift Certificate.


Is it safe to use my credit card?

The security of your credit card details are protected by a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or 128bit encryption. The validity of the SSL certificate is recognised by your web browser which displays the “padlock” symbol. By double clicking on the “padlock” you can view the details of the SSL certificate. Our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software is the industry standard, encrypting all data so that it cannot be read until it is decrypted by the Alpaca Panache web server.


When is my credit account charged?

If you paid with your credit card online, your card will not be charged until your order is actually despatched. If you paid via PayPal your card will be charged at the point of placing the order. (Orders paid by Gift Voucher are of course pre-paid and so no credit charge is applicable.)


How do I know when my order has been sent to me?

You will receive an email confirmation that your order has been completed and shipped to you.


What are the delivery charges for my items?

As part of our commitment to making online shopping an enjoyable experience for you, all deliveries are free! There are no charges either for delivery or returns within Australia.


What kind of packaging does my order arrive in?

This will depend on the kind and quantity of items you purchase. For smaller items such as socks and scarves we will use a padded post bag or satchel. For larger items such as quilts and coats, it will be a secure carton.

Whichever—it’s safe, it’s prompt, and it’s free!

Of course, when you buy something as a gift, we are happy to gift wrap, supply a card with your message, and send, free of charge, to the recipient using one of the packaging choices mentioned above.


How do I return a product?

The instructions are included in your parcel. If you have lost them, just follow the steps found in the “Returns” section of our Returns and Exchange Policy


How long does my exchange take?

If your exchange item is in stock when we receive your return (we advise you if it is) then we despatch your exchange items within 48 business hours of receiving your items back at Alpaca Panache!

If the new items have to be ordered in then we will email you of the expected arrival date.


I requested a refund. How long does it take to process?

We do check your purhases carefully before we despatch them. However, if you do request a refund , please allow 2 weeks from the date you sent the parcel for the refund to appear back in your account. Repayment of the refund will be as the original payment method used. For further information please see the ‘Refunds’ section of our Returns and Exchange Policy.

Please bear in mind we have no control over how long it takes for parcels from within Australia to be received back at Alpaca Panache – the average is 6-10 days. If your exchange is urgent you can always pay the additional postage to send it back to us faster.


Do you have a catalogue?

As we are on online retailer we do not have a printed catalogue—which helps saves some trees. Instead, our website is our catalogue and is available 24 hours/ 365 days. We aim to update the website on a daily basis. A printed catalogue can become quickly outdated. And because we do not have the expense of printing a catalogue several times a year, having a website catalogue also enables us to offer you better prices !


Do you know where I can buy one of the items you sell from a retailer near me?

Alpaca Panache is a retailer of the brands we carry, and not a supplier. May we suggest that you take advantage of our generous free postage and returns policy and purchase the item from us? We also pride ourselves in ensuring that we offer our fashion range at prices lower than you will find just about anywhere else in Australia!

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered, drop us a line using the Contact Us.

We look forward to hearing from you .

The Alpaca Panache Team!