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Benefits of Alpaca

Meet The Miracle Fibre “The fibre of the Gods.”

  • Imagine a natural fibre that is incredibly soft and luxurious to touch
  • this fibre is strong, yet lightweight. (You’ll especially feel the difference in our range of coats, capes, and quilts and rugs)
  • yet, because each fibre is hollow, it is naturally warmer than wool.
  • at the same time the fibre is so fine that you can supplement your summer wardrobe with its many light-weight summer styles.
  • it contains very little lanolin and is hypo-allergenic (fewer allergic reactions).
  • this miracle fibre comes in more than 20 natural colors, from white to camel to grey to brown and black, but also accepts dyes readily to ensure you can wear a wide range of fashion colours.
  • coats and capes made from this fibre have a drape that moves and flows with grace and elegance.
  • most garments made from it are so smooth you can wear them right against your skin.
  • and lastly, as a beautiful bonus this fibre has a stunning sheen and lustre that is recognised as a hallmark of class and style. (And the Suri breed of this fibre has even more sheen and and an extra silky feel!).


Known by the ancient Incas of South America as the “fibre of the Gods”….

This is Alpaca!


Just imagine wrapping yourself in this affordable luxury!



And did you know that alpacas are very eco-friendly?

  • they do not have hoofs to chew up the ground, but instead have soft pads just like dogs do.
  • they drink very little water (they’re part of the camelid family).
  • they graze without pulling out the grasses.
  • their 22 natural colours means less chemicals need to be used in the dyeing processes.
  • and their low-lanolin fleece also means far fewer chemicals are used in the processing of their fleece than for wool.

The importance of Peru in the manufacture of quality alpaca garments

The ancient Incas of Peru had developed the spinning and weaving of alpaca to a high art form. In the 19th century English manufacturers came to Peru and started up spinning mills for exporting to Europe and America.

This tradition continues today with both Peruvian and English manufacturers producing finely-crafted, exquisite garments of the highest world-class quality.

Alpaca Panache is justly proud to source many of our products from the home of alpacas — Peru.

Here, then, is your opportunity to feel distinctive, stylish and comfortable

with Alpaca Panache.