How to Purchase

If you are new to shopping online, here’s how to make online shopping a quick, simple and convenient way for you to shop — 24/7!

  1. Click on the tab ‘Shop Online” just above the image above.
  2. Click on either Accessories, Children’ sWear, Gifts, HomeWares, Men’sWear or Women’s Wear.
  3. When you are in the chosen area, (let’s use the example of Women’sWear), select the type of item that you want to buy — eg”Jackets”.
  4. To see the product description and a larger photo click on the item eg “Indi”.
  5. To view the product in more detail , simply hover your mouse over the picture.
  6. Under the Product Description you will find the colours that are available.
  7. To select the size and colour you would like to purchase, select from the drop down box located under the price.
  8. Choose the number of items you would like to buy i.e. 1 Indi Jacket.
  9. Click on ‘Add to Cart’ you will need to confirm this step by selecting ‘OK’.
  10. By selecting ‘OK’ you are not locked in to buy the items. You can change or alter what you require in step 14.
  11. To buy additional items start from step 1.
  12. You will see how many items and the $ amount in the top right hand corner below Contact Us.
  13. When you have finalized your shopping you will need to click ‘View Cart’.
  14. If you need to alter quantities or completely remove items, do it by simply clicking the View Cart.
  15. If you have a Gift Voucher please enter the voucher number here and click Update.
  16. To add free Gift Wrapping please select the Click Here button, you will need to confirm this by clicking ‘OK’.
  17. Once every detail has been check click on the ‘Check Out’ button.
  18. You will need to fill out the forms on this page making sure that every field marked with an ‘*’ is completed
  19. When complete click on the ‘Submit’ button
  20. You will then be sent an email to confirm the product and give you a receipt number. Please retain this for your own records.