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Women's Alpaca Wear

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GEORGIA Alpaca Jumper



Make a statement. Here is a very flattering sweater with a difference.  Off-the-shoulder style with...

HANNAH Alpaca Jumper



Another lovely classic basic for your winter wardrobe. A semi-fitted style with round neck and...

JULIA Alpaca Beaded Zip Cardigan


A beautiful, lightweight, knitted jacket for day and evening wear! Nehru-style collar and zip opening. ...

IVY Alpaca Top



A versatile, scoop-neck top that has the look of a very classy T.  Wear it...

JAZZ Alpaca long Cardigan



Pure Alpaca with flexible comfort --- and all that jazz!The drape is very flattering.You could...

JUANITA Alpaca Cardigan



Juanita is the perfect cardigan! Snug without being tight; warm without being hot; practical but...

KAMOTE Alpaca Wool Cardigan Jacket



 Get the most out of winter wearing this soft, open cardy when the temperature hits...

KALINKA Alpaca Poncho Tunic


Here’s a very versatile garment that promises to be a much-worn item of your wardrobe. ...

KACAO Pure Bamboo Top



This funky little  sleeveless top is so gorgeous and light. And because bamboo is renowned...

KARLA Alpaca Jacket Cardy



A truly flexible garment that can be worn in many different ways due to its...

KATE Alpaca Fully-Reversible Coat --- Save $400!!



experience and enjoy the beautiful comfort of this very stylish single-button coat! warm because of the alpaca...

KILIMAN Alpaca Jumper



Something a little different!  A simple elegance makes this jumper one in a million made...