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Women - Alpaca Cardigans

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ZAPENE Alpaca and Silk Cardigan



Imagine how lovely you will feel wearing this cardigan made of 70% baby Alpaca and...

SALMA Alpaca /Silk Cardigan



Lovely Autumn cardigan for you.  70% Baby Alpaca 30% Silk. Elegant pleated style and so...

VEVA Alpaca V-neck long cardigan



Lovely V-neck long cardigan with two pockets.   Pure baby Alpaca. Light, smooth and warm.  Fine...

ADELE---stylish Alpaca/Acrylic cardigan



Wearing this stylish cardigan with lovely patterned weaves will make you feel very comfortable.   One basic...

TANSY Alpaca/Linen Cardigan


70% Alpaca 30% linen.  One colour now-- Charcoal.Size: S/M  

LAURA Pure Alpaca Cardigan/Top


New arrival and the women who have bought this just say how much they love...

SIBYLLA Bamboo/Silk/Cashmere Cardigan



Enjoy this new very special blend of eco-friendly beautiful natural fibres! You will feel so...

JENNY Cotton/Alpaca Cardigan



This lovely light cardigan hangs so beautifully at both the front and the back.You also...

ELEGANTE Alpaca Jacket



This smart, versatile open-style jacket will certainly enhance your working wardrobe.The roll-over collar sits flat...

JAZZ Alpaca long Cardigan



Pure Alpaca with flexible comfort --- and all that jazz!The drape is very flattering.You could...

KAMOTE Alpaca Wool Cardigan Jacket



 Get the most out of winter wearing this soft, open cardy when the temperature hits...

CHRISTINA Alpaca Cardigan


Feeling pretty is one thing - being warm as well is ideal! A practical and...