Caring for your purchases

Caring for your Alpaca Clothing and Homewares

Garments made from alpaca have a smooth, soft and silky feel.

They do not pill easily and retain their shape very well.


  • hand wash
  • do not bleach
  • smooth by hand while wet to remove wrinkles and straighten the seams and facings
  • lay them in a flat position in the shade to dry
  • use a cool iron.

(And they’re also dry-cleanable.)

Be sure alpaca clothing articles are fully dry before storage. It is NOT recommended to use moth balls –– use instead sachets of dried lavender or cedar to deter moths.

Woven garments (rugs, coats, jackets etc)

  • dry-clean only.

Advice with dry-cleaning

  • bring with you any labels or hang tags that contain alpaca fibre information or care instructions
  • inform the cleaner of any spots or stains, as they will want to treat some stains before the dry cleaning process. (Never use chlorine bleach).
  • we suggest that you request the cleaner use fresh or filtered solvent, and a dry cleaning process that does not involve tumbling of the garment and uses low heat (140°F / 60°C) drying.

Looking after your Pillows and Quilts

  • apart from the Kelly and Windsor Country Range, quilts are dry-clean only.
  • on a sunny day, air your quilt on the line.
  • wash pillows using warm water and a wool wash


  • Chocolate: Wash with delicate detergent and then with solvent.
  • Coffee: Wash in cold water with delicate detergent and treat residual stain with solvent.
  • Grease: Treat with solvent.
  • Ink: Absorb with baby powder, soak in lemon juice and water solution and then in alcohol.
  • Lipstick: Treat with alcohol.
  • Liqueur: Wash with delicate detergent in warm water.
  • Make-up: Wash with solvent, then wash with shampoo.
  • Perfume: Wash with glycerine and alcohol.
  • Red wine: Wash in cold water, then apply lemon juice and water solution.
  • Sauce: Treat first with delicate detergent in warm water and rinse.
  • Shoe polish: Absorb with towel and treat stain with solvent.
  • Sweat: Wash in hot water, ammonia, acetic acid, then rinse in hydrogen peroxide.
  • Tea: Wash in warm water and delicate detergent.
  • White wine: Wash in clean water and apply a delicate detergent.

We hope you obtain much enjoyment in wearing and using
your beautiful Alpaca products!
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